B&Q Innovations Room

About: Operating in the UK and Europe, NG Bailey design, build, operate and maintain building infrastructure and IT services.
Needs: TRS were required to develop a proposal to design and build a new Innovations Room, Ops Bridge (Control Room for the central monitoring hub for the B&Q operation), and change the use of an existing storage area into an IT Test Lab. This work was undertaken collaboratively and in partnership with NG Bailey and B&Q.


Client: NG Bailey PLC and B&Q

The TRS Service:

Our works included:

  • Designing and constructing new wall and glazed partition forming new ‘operations bridge’,
  • Forming new Innovations room consisting of timber stud partitioning and structure,
  • Forming under floor plenum,
  • Installation of glazed screens,
  • Installation of joinery and doors,
  • Bulkhead, plasterboard partitioning and ceiling works,
  • Attendance and builders work to facilitate nominated suppliers and services installations,
  • Installation of new raised access floors,
  • Installation of new floor finishes,
  • General decorations.
Download a pdf of this case study here

Why TRS?

TRS completed works in a ‘live’ office environment.

  • We ensured that the existing (and complex) Building Management System (BMS) was not compromised.
  • All work was completed under rigid control conditions.
  • To ensure minimum disruption to the staff, work was completed out of hours.